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Services:                     Porphyra offers its clients a wide number of services and is specialized in the following ...
Products:                                             Honeywell / Alerton - Kamstrup - Greystone - Connect Air - Viconics - Dectron - Axio - Spartan - Industrie Technik - Field Server.
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Porphyra offers its clients a wide number of services and is specialized in the following:



Few companies match our experience and expertise in providing complex solutions in the fields listed below:

1-  Building Management System (BMS) and Electronic controls.

2-  Systems Integration.

3-  Home automation.

4-  Low current systems.

5-  Electrical contracting.

6-  Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning contracting



Because we care about our customers, we provide them with high quality products and the best Quality Price Ratio.

Some of our major international products and systems are :

  • Honeywell / Alerton - ( USA): BMS, Home automation, Electronic controls, sensors,    Thermostat and Valves 
  • Kamstrup - ( Denmark ) Ultrasonic water energy and electricity meter
  • Greystone - (Canada ): Sensors and Thermostats.
  • Connect Air - (USA ): All kinds of control cables.
  • Viconics - ( Canada ): Sensors, Thermostats and Current valves.
  • Dectron - ( Canada ): Indoor swimming pool dehumidifier.
  • Axio - ( UK ): Sensors, Flow and Turbine energy meters.
  • Industrie Technik - (Italy): Sensors, Thermostats and Control Valves.
  • Field Server - ( USA ): Gateways and Drivers for system integration.
  • Spartan - ( Canada ): Control valves.




PORPHYRA is committed to provide the highest standard in technical support and maintenance; and because our company believes that the customer satisfaction comes in the forefront a dedicated service team provides our clients with :

1-   A quick response to on the spot customer demands.

2-  A preventive maintenance to preserve automated operation of system controls.

3-  Technology upgrades for the PORPHYRA systems.


Economiser AHU
VAV AHU - Variable Air Volume AHU
Heating System
Chilled water system
Condenser Water System
Electrical Riser
Plumbing Riser
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