About Us:                   Porphyra was established in 1997, and during these years the company grew and expended ...
Services:                     Porphyra offers its clients a wide number of services and is specialized in the following ...
Products:                                             Honeywell / Alerton - Kamstrup - Greystone - Connect Air - Viconics - Dectron - Axio - Spartan - Industrie Technik - Field Server.
Projects:                                      Villas and Palaces - Hotels - Banks - Malls - Towers & Buildings ...
Contact Us:                                      For More information, Please don't hesitate to contact us...

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     Hospitals :

              Monla hospital

              Kortbawi hospital

              Hotel Dieu De France hospital

              Douris hospital

              Baalback hospital

              Geitawi Hospital


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