About Us:                   Porphyra was established in 1997, and during these years the company grew and expended ...
Services:                     Porphyra offers its clients a wide number of services and is specialized in the following ...
Products:                                             Honeywell / Alerton - Kamstrup - Greystone - Connect Air - Viconics - Dectron - Axio - Spartan - Industrie Technik - Field Server.
Projects:                                      Villas and Palaces - Hotels - Banks - Malls - Towers & Buildings ...
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               Platinum tower

              Sea View tower

              Sioufi tower

              Foch Ville tower

              Foch 94 tower

              Garden View tower

              Beirut Garden tower

              Pavillons building

              Azadea building

              Startium building

              Park View building

              Flayfel building

              Beritus building

              Urjuwan building

              Sodeco building 784

              Avenue Plaza - Downtown

              Mattar Apartment

              American Express offices Al Nahar building

              Shouaa offices

              Arab Chamber of Commerce

              45 Park Avenue

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