Airflow Control System

Phoenix Control’s family of airflow control devices and environmental space control systems have been designed to meet the increasing need for infection control, energy conservation and providing reliable space pressurization with a maintenance free product.

Phoenix Controls provides precision airflow and environmental control for all areas requiring critical air flow or pressurization control.

In addition, the control system integrates to any BMS system via either BACnet or LonWorks protocols

Health Care Spaces

The Phoenix Controls system provides fast, stable and repeatable space ventilation and pressurization control that supports standard operating, patient, isolation, and pandemic room requirements, while helping to minimize the spread of infection and provide the best energy savings options without compromising patient, staff, or visitor safety. Phoenix Controls, in conjunction with your BACnet®-running BMS, can assist with:

  • Room Pressure/Infection Control Strategies
  • Patient Health and Comfort Automation
  • Accreditation Management
  • Facility Operations/Maintenance Savings
  • Flexible Surgical and Critical Care Control Strategies
  • Energy Management Optimization
  • Reliable, Accurate, HVAC Performance

Patient Rooms

In simple ducted-exhaust applications, Phoenix controls system improves patient comfort and healing. To increase room flexibility, system can be upgraded so that patient rooms can be quickly switched to negative pressure beds in the event of pandemic incident.

Isolation Rooms

Minimize the spread of airborne infections through maintaining negative pressure in the space Phoenix controls pressure monitors integrate easily without controllers, providing a local display, alarm and network integration.

Operating Rooms

Weather the operating room is occupied or unoccupied, maintaining the required air change rate and keeping the suite positively pressurized at all times provides the best environmental quality and helps reduce the risk of infection. Phoenix controls provides full airflow control to maintain a sterile without compromising sustainable practices.

Hospital Pharmacies

In-hospital pharmacies are frequently to prepare compounded sterile preparations in clean rooms –like environments. The phoenix controls healthcare solution helps organizations comply with the requirements of US pharmacopeia chapter 800 by providing all the ventilation and the airflow control requirements needs for ISO class 7 and ISO class 5 environmental conditions.

Research environment/Pharmaceutical

Phoenix Controls provides safe, reliable and energy efficient solutions for intensive, high-level

Containment facilities, protecting researchers and safeguarding the integrity of research environments

While offering optimum energy efficiency.

Leveraging the proven accuracy, stability and reliability of the Phoenix Controls venturi valve, we deliver:

  • Precision ventilation and pressurization control over wide
  • flow ranges
  • Mechanical pressure independence
  • Unmatched speed of response
  • Inlet and outlet insensitivity
  • Zone balance, temperature, occupancy, humidity and
  • mode control
  • Flexible, feature-rich solutions
  • Seamless integration

Wet Chemistry Fume Hood Labs

In wet chemistry accuracy and speed of response are critical to achieving proper containment, air change rate and directional airflow. Weather the need is hood density, supply air diversity, sophisticated temperature control sequences or energy savings, Phoenix controls provides the best solution.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities

Pharmaceutical cleanroom suites require 10 to 150 air changes per hour, differential pressure control cascaded from one space to the next, and stable accurate control to ensure high-quality, repeatable production. These demanding environments are ideal applications for Progressive Offset control (POC), superior pressure, temp and humidity control that only Phoenix Controls can provide.

High Level Bio Containment Spaces

Precise airflow control is required due to ratio of large air change rates and small offset values based on the architectural tightness of construction. From biosafety cabinet to entire suites with switchable holding rooms, Phoenix Controls helps you maintain proper directional airflow and space

Phoenix Controls offers solutions designed specifically for Life Science facilities that can easily accommodate changes in airflow demands, reduce future HVAC renovation costs, maintain the environmental integrity of a research facility, and help reach an organization’s LEED goals.

The advantages of using Phoenix Controls for the airflow demands for all types of life science research facilities are:

  • Less testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) means faster commissioning
  • Easy integration with LonTalk®or BACnet® networks
  • Mechanically pressure-independent operation
  • Shut-off capability for gaseous decontamination or HVAC isolation
  • High turndown ratios save energy
  • No flow sensors mean no maintenance
  • Fewer controllers per room
  • Tiered control platforms

Animal Lab Facilities (Vivariums)

Minor changes in vivarium conditions can be devastating to scientific research. It affects the animals’ wellbeing, the quality of the research data and the health and safety of the research personnel. A well-designed HVAC system with Phoenix controls can minimize variations to climatic conditions and ensure integrity of the research environment.

Interdisciplinary Research Labs (Benchtop Discovery Spaces)

Open Space labs have different needs in order to maintain integrity of research and the comfort and safety of the researcher. From snorkels to support hoods, Phoenix Controls offers the most flexibility to ensure proper pressure and reliable environmental controls at an optimal cost. If a VAV hood is added to the lab for the future, it is easy to integrate to a high-speed system to accommodate the airflow balance demands.

Interdisciplinary Research Labs (Offices and corridors)

In life science facilities, bringing offices spaces and conference rooms closer to the Lab to enhance collaboration is key to the facilities success. Phoenix Controls tracking pair tiered solutions will accurately maintain the adjacent space pressurization that contributes to the overall zone feeding air to the interdisciplinary research lab.

Biosafety Spaces

Phoenix Controls tracking pair solutions communicate over the room-level network maintaining balance and ensuring directional flow. Whether a biosafety cabinet or a 2-state hood, for added energy savings and to accommodate gaseous decontamination, isolate the biosafety cabinet and space by using venturi shut-off valves. Easily control decontamination and purge mode automatically versus manually.

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