Smart Metering

A hunger to always search for a better way of doing things has put us at the cutting edge of technological advancement of intelligent electricity, water, heat and cooling solutions.

With more than 20 years of experience, we enable our customers to make more certain, smarter business decisions and inspire the communities they serve by providing them with intelligent tools and data.

Putting our customers at the heart of everything we do, listening to their needs and anticipating the challenges they will face in the future, enables us to offer KAMSTRUP which has a complete innovative product range of hardware, software and services including consumption meters, communication infrastructure, meter data management systems, smart grid applications, hosted solutions, and tools for data analysis and billing.

With intelligent metering, it’s easy for residential and commercial property management to support the green transition and live up to current and future regulations. Based on remote metering, its’ possible to maintain a complete overview of the water, heat/cooling, and electricity consumption.

A solution from Kamstrup offers flexible configuration and a simple system integration that enables precise management of the building’s water and energy consumption. Real knowledge and data-based insights increase energy efficiency, make it easier to identify faulty installations and ensure quick detection of leaks and excessive consumption, increasing the green performance of the building.

Automatic data collection from meters also means that cost allocation is based on actual consumption rather than estimates, making the process of preparing for billing of tenants or allocating costs to specific areas or buildings both easier and more accurate.

Water solution

Maintaining the distribution network and detecting water leakages are ongoing challenges for any water utility. Traditionally, locating leaks has been time-consuming and renovating pipes based on their age alone was always less than optimal.

The newest generation of smart metering solutions changes all this. Real knowledge based on intelligent meter data keeps you up to speed on flow, temperature, bursts and more, allowing for accurate billing, faster leakage detection and efficient renovation of your distribution network.

You can work more efficiently, proactively maintain pipes and reduce non-revenue water – all while ensuring a high security of supply.

And it doesn’t stop there. Take customer service to the next level by offering much more than just accurate billing. Our solutions allow you to provide the readily available information that today’s customers have come to expect.

It’s time to unleash the potential of knowledge in smart water metering. It’s time to know!

Heat/Cooling Solution

Heating and cooling of buildings is one of the most energy intensive demands in our society. Meeting climate and efficiency goals for heating and cooling calls for a sustainable strategy that combines increased use of renewable energy while efficiently ensuring the security of supply.

KAMSTRUP Smart energy meters give property managers precise information about flow and temperatures, long term stability, resulting in very low operational costs and a low total cost of ownership without compromising the data reliability. Moreover, with remote meter reading you get fast and easy access to consumption data and the system gives you access to tools for analyzing and optimizing your distribution network. Kamstrup Ultrasonic meters offer direct connectivity to most BMS and SCADA systems. Besides you are also able to connect to Kamstrup meter reading software by offering much more than just accurate billing.

Kamstrup‘s cooling & Heating solutions are designed for a long life in service with a minimum of maintenance.

It’s time to improve how energy is produced, managed, and distributed. It’s time to know!

Electricity Solution

The landscape of electricity distribution is changing rapidly. Driven by regulations, new technologies, and changing customer demands, DSOs are faced with more challenges than ever before. Renewables like wind and solar lead to a more decentralized production, while the increasing popularity of sustainable choices like electric cars and heat pumps create unprecedented usage peaks that challenge the current grid capacity.

By providing reliable data and insights into the grid, KAMSTRUP help DSOs transform these challenges into opportunities in an increasingly competitive and complex marketplace.

With real knowledge and full access to load data, managing fluctuating consumption patterns, deciding on grid expansions, and detecting irregularities are no longer in the darkness. Intelligent metering is ensuring optimal use of energy resources and utility assets, as well as ensuring maximum security of supply and customer satisfaction.

It’s time to embrace the future of a more sustainable energy distribution. It’s time to know.